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Huili warrior power to over come
The first WARRIORS are made.

1932: Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co. Ltd. is incorporated. The fledgling company producing footwear as a by-product of its parent company, a nationalised rubber manufacturer; commercial rubber the foundation of the brands legendary durability. This was the beginning of the first Chinese athletic shoe. Sturdy, comfortable and durable, the brand was worn by athletes, politicians, businessmen, the rich and poor.

1970: At the height of popularity the brand's most successful design, the WB-1 basketball, was created. The timeless design has remained unchanged for the past 40 years, through the years worn by social outcasts to NBA stars.
Among the many, one promising amateur player in the Chinese Basketball Association wore the WB-1. Revered by the people at 7ft 6inches tall, Yao Ming was just another man who wore the legendary Warriors.

The brand grew unopposed for near half a century until the modern era and the age of the global brand began. Warrior Shoes were relegated behind these giants of the industry, becoming the staple shoe of the middle and working classes.

1980: As the social atmosphere deteriorated, the grass roots shoe of China founded a cult following among its divided youth who opposed

the Iron Fist Communist State. Fallen from grace, Warrior shoes emerged as the 'People's Shoe'.

A Chinese symbol from birth, the brand has resisted 'westernisation'. The designs are uniquely their own with the national colour boldly displayed. The brand is today one of the Peoples Republic of China's most recognisable creations. A history steeped in tradition, with performance and durability at the forefront of design, within the reclusive country Warrior was kept secret. Now unearthed, the rest of the world is able to appreciate Huili WARRIOR SHOES.